Who would be the first in heaven?

Former US president Ford and my pastor Rev Wong Hak Cheung were died in the same day (26 Dec 2006). And recently a great funeral ceremony has been held in US, many famous people attend the funeral, but the idea comes out of my mind is who would be the first in heaven. The New Testament apostle Paul had mentioned he pursued for the crown in his ministry, would he be the first in heaven? Jesus had said who would be the first ,he must served the others on earth. So I think that my former pastor should be one of them who would be in the first rank in heaven for he served the Lord unreservedly! Compared with Ford, it seems that later Rev Wong would be nothing, but spiritually  to say, he is far more important than any famous persons(including some famous pastors in christianity circle) in my mind. Therefore, may be Rev Wong Hak Cheung would be the no. 1 in heaven!



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